Dr. Darren Burke and TJ Galiardi met 10 years ago and bonded over their passion for sport, health and business. They have done several business deals together in the health sector over the years, but one topic consistently frustrated them; food waste. With Canada finally waking up to the $31 billion problem that is sitting within our landfills, Darren and TJ saw an opportunity.
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After almost two years of pondering and research, they came up with an idea. Take the stages of food production and distribution where the largest waste is recorded and create a new sustainable approach.
“We knew that grocers were writing off hundreds of thousands of dollars of produce weekly, we’ve given them a solution that drastically reduces their food waste and carbon footprint.”
Dr. Darren Burke
By intercepting near end of life produce and dramatically extending its shelf life through a proprietary process, Beyond Food is able to create high nutrient powders that eventually become raw ingredients for consumer products. For every one product that is sold to consumers, one product will be donated to those in need as part of Beyond Food’s corporate mission of giving back.
“Darren and I have both been blessed with great lives thus far and we feel an obligation to make a positive impact; this has the potential & scalability to transform food waste and the planet”
TJ Galiardi
In addition to their sustainable process, Beyond Food manufactures products for nationally recognized brands in the supplement industry. They are the first business in the industry to operate in a full cycle sustainable manner.
Darren Burke CEO
Darren Burke
TJ Galiardi CMO
TJ Galiardi