we are
Beyond Food is a manufacturer of plant based functional foods. Using a proprietary process, we develop unique natural health supplements from fresh fruits and vegetables. This increases nutrient longevity, reduces food waste and allows us to make food more accessible to those in need.
Our mission
Food waste is the low hanging fruit of environmentalism. It is our mission to create sustainable nutrition for health, performance and the environment. Our efforts toward sustainable nutrition are only one piece of the puzzle toward more circular thinking.
Making connections between our food and the farmers who grow it, as well as the land, watersheds and climate that sustains us is at the heart of Beyond Food’s purpose. Therefore, we focus our efforts on upcycling surplus food from farmers and grocers while simultaneously providing healthy, nutrient rich products for both consumers and those in need.


As Tom Peters quoted “To be built to last is to be built for change”. At Beyond Food, we see change as an opportunity to be innovative and expand on what we know and do. With sustainability being at the heart of our company, being resilient is a core principle in our daily routine.


Whether it’s what is on our labels or how we’re certified, we believe in providing as much information as we can about our nutritional products and our sustainability process. Making true progress toward a sustainable future means that we need to be transparent about our social and environmental impacts.


It is our job to ensure that consumers get quality nutritional products that are up to standard in health and performance. This is accomplished by ensuring that our supply chain consists of sustainable technology processes that increase the efficiency and consistency of all our products.