Approximately 1/3 of all food produced in the world that is intended for human consumption is either lost or wasted. That is equivalent to 1.3 billion tonnes of food worldwide every year. If we were to reduce this by just by 1/4, there would be enough food to feed the entire planet. With a population that continues to grow, reducing food waste is top priority for the future of food.

Our solution to the food waste issue is to take nutritious and fresh produce from retailers and farmers and convert it into whole plant powders for a long shelf life. At Beyond Food, we work toward making our products easily accessible to those who need it most. We are continuously working to make our process as sustainable as it can be by reducing our environmental footprint and supporting our future generations.

At Beyond Food, we’re feeding people, not landfills. The impacts of our work at Beyond Food contributes to food waste solutions by positively impacting climate change, addressing global resource constraints and improving overall human health. How? We focus our efforts on helping those that are further exacerbated by the food waste issue and donate our products to food banks, soup kitchens and shelters. In return, this improves the overall health of those individuals while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprints.