The Honourable Keith Colwell, Minister of Agriculture, Tours The Beyond Food Innovative Produce Upcycling Facility in Nova Scotia.

From left to right: Chuck Maillet of ACOA, Mike Barber of Beyond Food Inc., Dr. Darren Burke of Beyond Food Inc. the Honourable Keith Colwell, Brian Lowe of Beyond Food Inc., Jeff Mullen of ACOA, TJ Galiardi of Beyond Food Inc., and Jay George of ACOA.

HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotia’s Minister of Agriculture, the Honorable Keith Colwell, and representatives from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) toured Beyond Food’s sustainable nutrition facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Minister was interested in learning more about the progress Beyond Food has made with the development of their innovative food waste reduction technology.

To help kick-start their sustainable nutrition program in Nova Scotia, ACOA awarded Beyond Food funding to purchase equipment and aid in the development of their technology. Through upcycling surplus produce from local farms and grocers, their full-cycle process will provide economic benefit and prosperity for family-run farms and grocers across Canada. In doing so, Beyond Food will be diverting vast amounts of food waste from entering landfills while creating longer-lasting, sustainable nutrition options for a variety of needs.

According to the National Zero Waste Council, more than 1/3 of all food produced in Canada is lost or wasted while many Canadians experience food insecurity. More specifically, Nova Scotia is the province with the highest rate of food insecurity. There is a clear issue with Canada’s current food system that Beyond Food is addressing through their mandate to provide sustainable, long-lasting nutrition for those who need it most.

Beyond Food informed the tour group that by upcycling discarded vegetables and fruits into powders, they are preserving the nutritional quality of the produce that would typically be destroyed through waste in a landfill. As well, powdering produce allows it to be combined with other valuable nutrients, such as omega-3s from flaxseeds to boost nutritional benefits.

Their sustainable nutrition model incorporates a proprietary process that begins in their innovative Zero Waste Pod, a first of its kind in the world of food technology. In the next several months, these pods will be deployed for grocers to put surplus produce in which will then become upcycled into nutrient-dense powders. Customization of the sustainably sourced raw plant-based powders can be used for making natural health products, cosmetics, meat-alternatives, pet foods, as well as pharmaceuticals.

The tour was completed with excitement from the Minister and ACOA about the visible potential Beyond Food has to grow their Nova Scotia-based business into a global supplier of raw materials and contribute positively to waste reduction strategies worldwide.

About Beyond Food

Beyond Food is a manufacturer of plant-based functional foods. They take surplus fruits and vegetables and convert them into whole plant powders with a long shelf life and packed with nutrients. Using a proprietary patent-pending process, they are reducing food waste and creating powerful ingredient combinations of effective natural health products. Their corporate mission is to create sustainable nutrition for health, performance and the environment.


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