On a daily basis, vegans save approximately:
1100 Gallons
Of Water
40 Pounds
Of Grain
30 Square Feet
Of Forest
20 Pounds
Of Co2
1 Animal
ONE DAY matters, and even ONE MEAL matters.

Raising livestock for meat is not only widely considered inhumane toward animal lives, but it also takes 30 percent of the earth’s land and accounts for at least 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing your meat intake by swapping for alternative protein sources is one of the easiest, and most practical ways to directly contribute to protecting the environment for future generations – while improving your own health in the process.

Small steps have the potential to create widespread change.

Help us reduce the global food waste issue while simultaneously feeding those who need it most.

Your donations do more than just nourish the hungry. They help support food security, local communities and the environment.