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Whether you’re a lover of fresh produce or in the fight against food-waste, we’re always happy to hear from you! Feel free to provide us with any questions, suggestions or comments using the email or phone number provided.

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Frequently asked questions
How did Beyond Food start?
Darren and TJ met 10 years ago and bonded over their passion for sport, health and business. They have done several business deals together in the health sector over the years, but one topic consistently frustrated them; food waste. They saw an opportunity and came up with an idea - take the stages of food production and distribution where the largest waste is recorded and create a new sustainable approach.
What’s your mission?
It is our mission to create sustainable nutrition for health, performance and the environment all while helping those in need.
Where are you located?
Halifax, N.S.
How can I get involved?
We are always looking for difference makers! Send us an email, we’d love to connect with you.