Beyond Food Inc. joins National Zero Waste Council

Reducing food waste with the first ever Zero Waste Pod.

With a shared vision of achieving zero waste long-term, Beyond Food Inc. is proud to join the National Zero Waste Council (NZWC). This partnership gives us the opportunity to expand sustainability initiatives and continue developing cutting-edge technology to combat food waste.

Food Waste in Canada

Most of us are familiar with the three R’s of sustainability–Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. When it comes to food waste it’s all about reduction, which is why Beyond Food Inc. created the Zero Waste Pod.

Next time you walk through the produce aisle at your local grocery store, imagine almost half of that food in a landfill. And not because there’s something wrong with it. This is quality food that’s healthy, nutritious and delicious, but the numbers associated with this type of food waste are staggering. According to a study from Second Harvest Food Rescue, 32 percent of food that gets thrown out is still considered edible. That’s more than 11 million metric tonnes every year.  

Enter the Zero Waste Pod

Using patent-pending technology, the Zero Waste Pod saves produce and converts it into finely milled, nutrient dense powders. These powders have a longer shelf life than fresh produce so they can then be used to produce healthy, filler-free supplements. At scale, the Zero Waste Pod will dramatically improve issues related to food waste, the environment and food insecurity.

“Grocers have a major issue with essentially taking produce and putting it in the compost bin,” says Dr. Darren Burke, co-founder and CEO of Beyond Food Inc. “Where our company comes in is to intercept that late in life fresh produce, we dry it and we powder it and it becomes a raw material.”

Look Inside a Pod

Interested in seeing what a Zero Waste Pod looks like? We’re documenting every step on our Beyond Food Inc YouTube channel. You can watch the first two episodes now.