Beyond food is a manufacturer of plant based functional foods. We take fresh fruits and vegetables and convert them into whole plant powders with long shelf lives that are packed with nutrients.

Using a proprietary process, we create powerful ingredient combinations to make delicious and effective natural health products.

Our corporate mission is to create sustainable nutrition for health, performance and the environment all while helping those in need.


30% of Food Gets Wasted


Sustainable Process


Help Those In Need

Switching To A Plant-Based Diet
Food waste is a global problem. In the developed world, our choices during the consumer stage can have a substantial impact on the future of food.
From Farm to Fork
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a simple concept created to support farmers and provide communities with sustainable nutrition.
Baby I Was Born This Way
Conversations over “Cinderella produce” are trending across the globe right now. The largest reason for that is due to the “Ugly Food Movement” and the prevention of food loss and waste in supermarkets.

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