What Is Sustainable Nutrition?

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Our current system of food distribution through national grocers has waste at every level. In Canada it is the $31 billion problem that has been pushed under the rug for years. When our co-founders saw this squander in person, they couldn’t turn a blind eye.

Farmers know that their produce must meet grocers rigid cosmetic requirements; odd shaped, bruised, different fruits and vegetables are deemed below grade and have no value to the growers.

As consumers, the quality of the fruits and vegetables we expect has reached levels so high that more than 20% of the produce farmers grow, never make it off the farm. Unfortunately they know the grocers will not purchase the deformed or ugly options so they are not even harvested.

Major retailers have extremely high standards for the produce that they carry in their stores; upon delivery to their distribution centers they must pass the inspection process. If even 10% of the total truckload doesn’t meet standards, the entire truckload is declined. Due to costly transport fees and lengthy travel times, the produce is rarely returned to the vendor and thus enters the waste stream.

Once the food has been approved it makes its way to the individual stores, sadly due to glitches in the logistical chain such as; improper temperature control, road accidents, faulty packing, etc, more waste is created along this chain.

Another obstacle begins once the approved produce finally enters the market; from the minute product is shelved, it’s saleability clock begins ticking. When the calling procedure occurs, regardless of the condition of the produce, it must be taken off the shelves. From there, this highly nutritious completely edible food is squandered and ends up as animal feed or in a landfill.

Along the chain, when any of this food becomes waste, it finds its way to the landfill. Organic matter that is buried creates methane gas which is 25x more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide. This means that billions of pounds of food that could have otherwise provided nutrients to those in need is essentially destroying our environment at a highly accelerated rate.

Pioneering Food Waste Solutions

Beyond Food is changing the massive problem of food waste in Canada through a proprietary process of rescuing near end of life produce from the landfill. By diverting this produce to our manufacturing facility, we are able to extend the shelf life of each unique plant by processing them into powders while simultaneously retaining their nutritional value.

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